2 months ago
Call with FIHP, Cemex and Argos to discuss implementation of the CSC in Latin America. Acceptation by SME's is key for success.
2 months ago
We welcome SCG (Siam Cement Group) as founding member of the CSC.
4 months ago
Feedback of first 8 projects discussed in technical com. Tayeiho, Cemex, Bosch Beton, Ocean Concrete, Mebin, CementBouw, Italcementi and MDC
CSC pilot projects have started More that 25 pilots are running. The first eight pilots have given their feedback. Based on their feedback the certification system has been updated.
CSC Toolbox available. Free quickscan and pre assessment tools available for testing. Go to www.concretesustainabilitycouncil.com.
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The Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) is an initiative of the concrete- and cement industry to develop and run the certification system.