CSC Gold for Meteoor precast plant (September 26th, 2018)
[Meteoor received CSC Gold]
On September 26th, Kiwa handed out the CSC gold certificate to concrete plant De Meteoor B.V.
Consortium Grensmaas CSC certified (12 September 2018)
[Grensmaas CSC certified]
CSC manual now available in Spanish and Turkish (September 2018)
[CSC translated in Spanish and Turkish]
14 December 2017
CSC presents new pricing and service structure

Price for single license remains stable

The Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) has informed that effective Feb 1st, 2018 it will adjust the prices for its bundles of 5, 10 and 20 licenses; this measure reflects additional services offered by the CSC, namely that the organization will pay the basic check* during the yearly compliance validation for all certified plants. The following table shows the old and new pricing structure.



Single License

€ 1,000

€ 1,000

Bundle of 5 Licenses

€ 2,500

€ 4,000

Bundle of 10 Licenses

€ 4,000

€ 7,000

Bundle of 20 Licenses

€ 7,000

€ 12,000

Despite the improved offer for license holders the CSC has kept the price for single licenses stable at € 1000.

CSC members continue to receive a discount of 15% on all prices.

Companies need to hold one license for each certified plant. Licenses, including those purchased at 2017 prices, can be stored for later use, but once used for a certified plant they will be valid for three years.

* This includes the CB’s first review of relevant evidence to be uploaded. Any correction measures that may be required as a result of this basic check as well as the upload of further or delayed evidence is at the expense of the certificate holder.